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Taunton Tigers Baseball Club

Regular Season 2017


Taunton Tigers join Triple-A South Division on January 2017
On October 8,2016, a meeting of athletes at the home of one of the members, was held to organize as a baseball team. The team was created due to the need to give formality to a sport that we are passionate about it, to promote healthy fun and exercise.
Based out of Bishop Fox's School in taunton Somerset, the taunton tigers are the first ever baseball team in taunton to join BBF

Recent Taunton Tigers News

BBF Special free offer to registered clubs

12/10/2017, 8:00am GMT

Sunday, 10 Dec 2018 

The British Baseball Federation (BBF) announces a new programme to assist registered member clubs with its marketing. 

Marketing material is essential for your club's recruitment and sustainability. But developing marketing material and a video for your club takes time. That is where we can help. 

Our new programme allows you to source a custom made set of PDF pages as well as a 30-second video to market your club. Further, when it is done, we offer you the opportunity to host these materials in a special section on our BBF website ( We will then publicise it on social media in your clubs name. 

This service for member club's is a great way to enhance your reach to potential players, volunteers and sponsors. Moreover, it is free to registered clubs. 


  1. Register and pay for your clubs/teams 2018 season.
  2. Contact us at and request our branding service. 
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Terms apply (e.g., offer expires 31 Jan 2018; 1x PDF four-page inserts and 1x video per club only) 

Note: Below are examples of a PDF page for a fictional club to provide you with a visualisation of possible  samples. Please note that none of the images or designs below may be used or adapted. All rights reserved.

BBF: 2018 Insurance and Membership Fees

11/29/2017, 11:30am GMT


We welcome you to become a part of the 2018 British Baseball Federation (BBF) baseball season. Registration opens 1st December 2017 from our website The following insurance and membership fees apply:


British Baseball Federation Forward Looking Calendar 2018

10/11/2017, 10:30am BST
By British Baseball Federation

Wed 11 Oct 2017 (British Baseball Federation) 

For next season (2018), there’s a renewed focus on improving our corporate governance, organisational structures, communication, revamping our processes, develop new members opportunities, and greater emphasis on our member's user experience.  You will hear more of the above in the weeks to come. 

To start, we have been working on the ability for our members to begin to plan for next season. We have prepared a forward-looking calendar with important dates and information for 2018. Please note, the events and dates indicated below are forward-looking and subject to change, but offer the baseline for you to begin to plan. We endeavour to update and confirm all of the particulars for each milestone date, once we know more (e.g., once our members register we can determine postseason formats), Farnham Park (dates are available) and we get your feedback. Our forward-looking calendar is an ambitious objective from our board. It is the first time such a forward-looking calendar has been made public by the BBF, this far in advance of the preceding years opening day, but it is required if we are going to improve our member's user's experience and opportunities.  We welcome your feedback at our AGM (2 Dec 2017) and where we will be providing you a further update on the dates and events planned in 2018. 

Stourbridge Baseball Club Spring Training

Well done everyone specially to Stourbridge baseball club for having us yesterday.  It was a great and hot day for baseball thank you so much guys good luck for the season.

Go Tigers!


Well done to everyone who make it to our first spring training game.

It was a great family day out with our baseball team people travelling from different part of the country. " Our Manager Phil was very happy with his new baseball team for this season."

Go Tigers!


Herts Baseball Club confirmed that the Taunton Tigers Baseball Club for the HSL.
This will be the first time for the tigers to take part of in this amazing event.
Taunton Tigers Start off the first ever spring training game against the South Pirates
We are really looking forward to have a great and fun time in the HSL 2017
Go Tiger!

Opening Day


Miguel Alfonso Sanchez

Club President

Phil Smith-Grimes

Team Manager

Jose Manuel Bobadilla Garcia


Alex Peña

Club Treasurer