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Double-A Central Division

Regular Season 2017

Batting Leaders

Pitching Leaders

On opening day we will hold a minute of silence in memory of Eric Messer.


Following on from the success of their inaugural appearance at the 2017 SuperCup in Prague last June, the Team UK coach-pitch baseball programme has begun preparations for their return to the tournament in 2018. As well as making coaching appointments for 2018, the programme is looking to recruit UK-based players aged 7-9 early in the New Year.

Appointment of coaches

Team UK are delighted to be retaining the coaching services of Jon Gulliver (Brighton Baseball) and Steve Rollins (Leicester Blue Sox) from our previous tour. Boosting the coaching effort in Prague will be Chris Stevenson (Brighton Baseball) as well as Matt Crawshaw (Leicester Blue Sox), who will also continue as Team UK General Manager.

Although he won’t be travelling to Prague this time around, Robin Banerjee (Brighton Baseball) will be assisting with pre-tournament warm-up preparations in the UK.

The above appointments are provisional and additional coaching appointments may be made in the New Year. 

Player recruitment drive

Team UK are looking to confirm their provisional squad of players by the middle of January.

We want to work closely with all British Baseball youth organisations to identify talented young players who they feel would be a good fit for the programme.

The main points to consider are as follows:

  • Date of tournament is expected to be Thursday 1st June to Sunday 3rd June
  • Participating players must be born on or after January 1st 2008 and on or before December 31st 2012
  • Players must be UK resident
  • Our safeguarding requirements mean that each player needs to be chaperoned by at least one parent/guardian
  • The estimated costs of the tour are as follows: flights around £200 per person, accommodation around £250 per person, transfers £50 per person, uniform £35 per player (minimum)
  • The programme is wholly funded by players’ families as we currently do not have access to sponsorship or NGB funding. However, if this does change in the future, any cost saving would be passed onto families equally


We would be delighted to hear from coaches and families to help us identify young players who would be suitable for the programme.

Our aim is to confirm our provisional squad by Sunday 28 January 2018, please can you contact Team UK General Manager Matt Crawshaw before this date for further information.


Phone: 07583 863325

22 December 2017 

The British Baseball Federation (BBF) is a member of the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB). 

Periodically, CEB holds a variety of competitions, e.g., whereby our National Team Programme takes part and select clubs in our Federation (NBL), e.g., First and second place finishers in our National Baseball Championships in the NBL. 

In 2018, the London Mets (winners of the NBL) and Southampton Mustangs (runner-up to the NBC's) will be competing in the CEB Federations Cup Qualifier. 

Today, CEB announces the dates, venues and groups for all teams taking part in the Federations Cup Qualifiers. 

Pool 1 – Blagoevgrad/Bulgaria | June 11/12 – 16/17, 2018

1) Blagoevgrad Buffaloes (BUL)
2) Barons Wroclaw (POL)
3) London Mets (GBR)
4) Vienna Wanderers (AUT)
5) Athletico Alexandria (ROM)
6) BSC The Wolfes Tbilisi (GEO)
7) Beograd 96 (SRB)

Pool 2 – Rybnik/Poland | June 11/12 – 16/17, 2018

1) KS Silesia Rybnik (POL)
2) Athletic Sofia (BUL)
3) Southampton Mustangs (GBR)
4) Sundbyberg (SWE)
5) Kaunas County (LTU)
6) Brest Zubrs (BLR)
7) Zuerich Barracudas (SUI)

A spokesperson for the BBF said, "We are grateful and honoured two of our most successful NBL Clubs will be representing the BBF, in June at the CEB Federation Cup Qualifier.  Both clubs involvement and success is a testament to the entire British Baseball community, and we expect to provide them support in their quest to win in June 2018. Go Mets and Go Mustangs!" 

You can follow both clubs in the tournament in June, through CEB real-time feeds. The BBF will be providing more details about how you can support both teams in June, as it becomes available. 

BBF official baseballs for the 2018 season

12/22/2017, 1:00pm GMT

Friday, 22 December 2017 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 

Baden (3B-NHFS) and Wilson (A1010) have been selected as the exclusive baseballs for the British Baseball Federation (BBF), valid for the 2018 season. The above baseballs only apply to the BBF senior divisions, and exclusive of our Youth Super League. Also, the select Baden and Wilson baseballs will be used for our National Baseball Championships.

"This year is the last year of our tri-party agreement to make use of the Baden and Wilson baseball for our leagues. Purchase of either baseball by our member's clubs comes without any financial markup from the BBF or third party. Local suppliers have an ample supply of the official baseballs is stock, and they are ready for purchase. ” said a spokesperson for the BBF. 

Note: A complete rule relating to the use of our official baseballs and penalties for non-compliance, in its senior leagues will be provided in the BBF 2018 Handbook, out next year. 

About the Baden 3B-NHFS baseball: Boasting a Perfection Raised Seam™, this double-stitched ball optimises a grip for superior performance. The ball is made with a pro-grade premium leather cover for top-notch durability to withstand wear and tear from team practices, so it's ideal for our senior leagues. The Perfection Ballistic Windings™ is a durable A-grade grey wool, which helps the ball maintain its shape long term. A high compression core and cushion cork centre keep the ball lively. The ball is NFHS approved. Sold in a dozen.

About the Wilson A1010 baseball: Dura-Core Technology™: Added to Red Cushioned Cork to help the ball retain hardness 15% better than the competition. Formed to withstand impact and give you the game-changing performance you need. Red Cushioned Cork: Give your game an edge with a baseball that stays more energised during bat/ball collision. Super Seam Technology™: Sold in a dozen.

About the BBF: The British Baseball Federation is the National Governing Body (NGB) of baseball in Great Britain. The BBF receives no public funding. It (but not limited) oversees its members baseball (senior and youth) leagues, set rules and policies, provides resources,  enforces regulations for baseball. It is recognised nationally and by international governing bodies in our sport as the NGB by consent. It is also responsible for its National Team Programme (GB Baseball). 

BBF Special free offer to registered clubs

12/10/2017, 8:00am GMT

Sunday, 10 Dec 2018 

The British Baseball Federation (BBF) announces a new programme to assist registered member clubs with its marketing. 

Marketing material is essential for your club's recruitment and sustainability. But developing marketing material and a video for your club takes time. That is where we can help. 

Our new programme allows you to source a custom made set of PDF pages as well as a 30-second video to market your club. Further, when it is done, we offer you the opportunity to host these materials in a special section on our BBF website ( We will then publicise it on social media in your clubs name. 

This service for member club's is a great way to enhance your reach to potential players, volunteers and sponsors. Moreover, it is free to registered clubs. 


  1. Register and pay for your clubs/teams 2018 season.
  2. Contact us at and request our branding service. 
  3. We will survey your branding needs and discuss these with you. 
  4. Provide us with a list of information (narrative, images, logo and colours) that you would like to include in your marketing PDFs and video. 
  5. We will develop the marketing PDFs and video for your club's use. Optionally, we can market your above club information in a section on our BBF website with links to your club website. 

Terms apply (e.g., offer expires 31 Jan 2018; 1x PDF four-page inserts and 1x video per club only) 

Note: Below are examples of a PDF page for a fictional club to provide you with a visualisation of possible  samples. Please note that none of the images or designs below may be used or adapted. All rights reserved.