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Herts Falcons

Regular Season 2011

Rod Naghar

 hp10119 copy small
1 · OF

Jonathon Lewys

 hp10105 copy small
3 · OF

Aspi Dimitrov

 hp23529 copy small
4 · OF

Kal Dimitrov

12 · C/2B/OF

Lee Manning

 hp10155 copy small
14 · C/INF

Louis Hare

 hp10137 copy small
16 · OF/P

Ilya Dimitrov

21 · INF/OF

Petar Kikel

 hp12389 small
23 · OF

Nicolas Goetz

 hp12381 small
29 · OF/P

Paul Auchterlounie

 hp10110 copy 2 small
33 · C/CF

Jamie Munn

 hp12392 copy resized small
35 · OF

Troy Linton

37 · OF

Kimiyoshi Saionji

 hp10267 copy resized small
55 · OF

Dan Kerry

 hp24418 copy small
58 · OF

Jim Arnott

 hp10177 copy small
59 · P/3B/OF

Mahendra Prasad

 hp10132 copy 2 copy small
61 · OF

Darrin Ward

 hp10092 copy 2 small
66 · OF/P

Perrie Sherman

87 · OF/C

Liam Green

 hp23318 copy small
95 · C/P/2B/CF/RF

Number Photo Name Pos. Bats Throws Hometown
1  hp10119 copy small Rod Naghar OF
3  hp10105 copy small Jonathon Lewys OF
4  hp23529 copy small Aspi Dimitrov OF
12 Nophoto square Kal Dimitrov C|2B|OF Right Right
14  hp10155 copy small Lee Manning C|INF
16  hp10137 copy small Louis Hare OF|P
21 Nophoto square Ilya Dimitrov INF|OF Right Right
23  hp12389 small Petar Kikel OF
29  hp12381 small Nicolas Goetz OF|P
33  hp10110 copy 2 small Paul Auchterlounie C|CF Right Right
35  hp12392 copy resized small Jamie Munn OF
37 Nophoto square Troy Linton OF
55  hp10267 copy resized small Kimiyoshi Saionji OF
58  hp24418 copy small Dan Kerry OF
59  hp10177 copy small Jim Arnott P|3B|OF Right Right Hemel Hempstead
61  hp10132 copy 2 copy small Mahendra Prasad OF
66  hp10092 copy 2 small Darrin Ward OF|P
87 Nophoto square Perrie Sherman OF|C
95  hp23318 copy small Liam Green C|P|2B|CF|RF Right Right Hemel Hempstead