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Team GB is recruiting for the World Baseball Classic

11/15/2011, 8:00am GMT
By Great Britain Baseball

The Great Britain Baseball Senior National Team is recruiting talented ballplayers from all parts of the globe with tryouts in San Diego on January 8th and the London and New York-Toronto areas in April/May.

The Great Britain Baseball Senior National Team is recruiting talented ballplayers from all parts of the globe.

In late 2012,Team GB will compete at the European Championships in Holland and the World Baseball Classic qualifying rounds. The British Baseball Federation is assembling a competitive roster to help them win both competitions, and they are calling for all British ballplayers with high school, collegiate or professional experience - living in the UK or further afield - to contact the coaching staff.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent Great Britain at the most elite and prestigious level," said Jason Greenberg, General Manager of Team GB. "Our players travel to fascinating places and compete against the world's top teams, and the WBC and the Euros also will provide unique exposure to MLB and international scouts."

Team Captain Brad Marcelino added, "We have a good mixture of personalities that love to get after it and compete for every pitch. Our team has a history of winning and playing above outsiders' expectations. We will be facing opponent rosters comprised mostly of MLB and ex-MLB players, and we are prepared to take GB to the next level in 2012. No competitive ballplayer will want to pass this up, as the experience of playing for your country is one you will never forget."

Great Britain has enjoyed recent competitive successes by winning the 2011 Euro Qualifier in Tel Aviv, Israel, competing at the 2009 IBAF Baseball World Cup, and placing 2nd at the 2007 European Championships in Barcelona Spain. Team GB is currently ranked 22nd in the world.

The programme has benefited from the involvement of talented professional players, such as Mike Nickeas (New York Mets - MLB) and Brant Ust (Seattle Mariners - AAA).


Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association set the eligibility requirements for the World Baseball Classic. Each player on the GB roster must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Holds British citizenship and carries a valid passport
  2. Is a permanent legal resident in the UK
  3. Was born in the UK or British territories
  4. Is a direct descendant of a British citizen
  5. Has a parent who was born in the UK or British territories
  6. Is eligible for British citizenship or to hold a UK passport

The full eligibility rules as stipulated by World Baseball Classic Inc. can be found online at:


In order to represent Great Britain in a European (CEB) competition, players must:

  • Hold British citizenship, and
  • Have a valid UK passport


GB Baseball is scheduling tryout events for potential recruits in England, the United States and Canada.

The first event will take place at the University of San Diego on Sunday 8 January. Any player with high school, collegiate or professional experience who is eligible to represent Britain in the World Baseball Classic or in European competition is encouraged to attend.

GB Baseball West Coast Tryouts
Cunningham Stadium
University of San Diego
Sunday 8 January 2012
1pm - 6pm

Additional evaluation events will be held in the Toronto, New York and London areas in the spring and early summer of 2012. Specific dates and venues will be announced shortly after the winter holidays.

Visit to sign up for the Team GB newsletter.


If you are interested in representing Great Britain or attending an evaluation event please contact Brian Essery (GB Coach and Recruitment Director) and Jason Greenberg (General Manager) at

Pre-registration for the 2012 evaluation events is mandatory.

Jason Greenberg

Jason Greenberg

General Manager and Director of Operations

Brian Essery

Brian Essery

GB Coach and Recruitment Director

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