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02/01/2015, 4:45pm GMT
By by British Baseball Federation

The British Baseball Federation Board has written a letter to all of its affiliated clubs asking them to join the “BBF 50 Club” as a way to support Great Britain Baseball national team programmes. The letter reads as follows:

Dear BBF Baseball Club Representatives,

As we prepare for the 2015 season, we would like to ask your club to join the BBF 50 Club.

The purpose of the BBF 50 Club is to ask every British Baseball Federation club to donate £50, which will go directly to support Great Britain Baseball national team programmes.
GB Baseball programmes, organised and run by the BBF, provide an opportunity for some of our finest youth and adult players to represent Great Britain in international competition.  This year, both our Cadet and Junior teams will compete in European Baseball Confederation (CEB) Championships in June and the GB Senior Team, under new Head Coach Liam Carroll, will be preparing for European Championships in 2016.  GB Baseball needs funds to secure practice time, buy equipment, and provide invaluable competition experience against local and international teams.  All of this will hopefully come together this spring on select weekends in our second year of Great Britain All-Star Series (GBASS) competitions.

Some people have asked why GB Baseball needs additional help from members.  The reason is that the BBF is a not-for profit-organisation and our budget runs at the bare minimum to cover our operations (running leagues, staging the NBCs and YNBCs etc), so there is little or no additional funds to provide adequate financial assistance to our national teams.


This year, the BBF has begun to make changes to GB Baseball strategy and structure.  We have appointed a new British-based Senior Team Head Coach in Liam Carroll to lead our programme and we are working to achieve more participation by local players in GB Baseball teams.  These changes will take time to develop, and will require support and resources, but both GB Baseball and the BBF are behind them and we aim to make them work.

We believe that more transparent, better-governed and locally-based national team programmes are the best way forward – and will give us the best chance to find sponsors and advertisers to provide much-needed support.


We realise that our clubs also run on tight budgets, but we hope, as club representatives, that you can convey the importance of supporting our national team programmes to your members.  

GB Baseball helps to raise the profile of our sport both locally and internationally and it provides the means for some of our own players to gain the honour of representing their country on an international stage and hopefully attract the attention of US colleges and/or professional MLB scouts.  

GB Baseball provides the means for a talented young player who falls in love with the game to progress from club level to international competition, creating a huge incentive to continue in the sport.


The BBF 50 Club campaign has already started and we expect it to grow.  Although the campaign is targeted mainly at BBF clubs, individuals and outside organisations can also donate and we have already had a £50 donation from a baseball family.

Our aim is to raise £3000 between now and June, with the majority of donations coming from BBF clubs to help us achieve our goal.
If you would like to join the BBF 50 Club, please email BBF Development Official Gerry Perez (, noting your club's name in the subject line and your intention to contribute.  We will then confirm payment details.

To ensure that there is transparency and accountability around all donations, the BBF Board is committed to ensuring that all funds raised by the BBF 50 Club will be disclosed and will be segregated from other operational expenses.  We explicitly confirm that these funds will go 100% towards GB Baseball to help our national teams prepare for upcoming CEB competitions.
On behalf of the British Baseball Federation Board of Directors and GB Baseball, we thank you in advance!  Please remember that a strong GB Baseball programme plays a fundamental role in fostering the development of baseball in the UK.
Board of Directors
British Baseball Federation

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