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Everything you always wanted to know about the official BBF baseball

03/03/2015, 4:00pm GMT
By by British Baseball Federation

Following on from the earlier announcement that the Baden® 3B-PPRO Official NFHS® ball will be the official ball of British Baseball for the 2015-17 seasons, the British Baseball Federation (BBF) is following up with additional information about the deal and use of the official ball.

This information is designed help member clubs prepare for the 2015 regular season, which starts on Sunday 12 April.


Pre-orders are now being taken and members can order online from or call The Baseball Shop on 0800 458 2442.

Please note that the balls will not initially be stamped with the BBF logo as originally planned, but will still be regarded as the official ball of British Baseball and must be used in all BBF adult league games.

The Baden® 3B-PPRO Official NFHS® ball features Perfection™ performance, with double-stitched raised seams with special waxed cotton thread for exceptional grip. Perfection CoreBond™ adhesive keeps the leather tight to the core to eliminate softness, while Perfection Ballistic Winding™ produces a more durable high-compression core.


The questions and answers below should tell you everything you might want to know about the terms and conditions of the ball deal and use of the ball in BBF play.

1  How much is a box of baseballs?

£38.50 per dozen.

Please quote the discount code BBF-14 on your order to receive the above discounted price.

2  Does the above fee include shipping?

Delivery costs will be £6.00 for all orders up to £250; orders over £250 pounds will be delivered free of charge.  Therefore, orders of seven dozen balls or more will be free of delivery charges.

3  Are there discounts if we buy multiple boxes of baseballs?

The contract that was entered into with Ransome Sporting Goods (trading as The Baseball Shop) provides the British Baseball Federation, the British Softball Federation and BaseballSoftballUK with the lowest price we can get in the market, irrespective of order quantity.  We get this discounted price due to the large volume of orders that will be placed by the three organisations.  Therefore, the unit price of the official ball will not be subject to further discounting, regardless of the size of order.

4  How far in advance do I need to order the baseballs?

Once balls are in stock (we are expecting an initial supply to arrive in the UK before the end of March), orders received by noon are usually delivered the next working day.

5  I have a lot of baseballs left from previous years.  Can we not use our existing stock this year and the Baden baseball next year?    

The Baden® 3B-PPRO Official NFHS® ball is to be used in all BBF adult league games, including post-season play and other BBF-sanctioned events.

6  How many should I order?

The BBF requires a home team to supply a minimum of three new balls per regulation game. Your club will need to consider realistically how many balls it will require for the season.  As there is no cost-advantage for bulk purchases (apart from delivery charges), you may wish to consider staggering your orders throughout the season to manage your club's cash flow.

Initially, your first delivery before the regular season will be strictly limited to two dozen balls per BBF team (for example a four-team club can order eight dozen balls). This is to ensure that every club has sufficient stock for the first part of the season.  Once these initial quantities have been distributed, the remainder of your order will be filled shortly after the start of the season (exact timescales for secondary and subsequent shipments will be confirmed by The Baseball Shop in due course).

7  Are these approved baseballs to be used for both adult and youth BBF league games and other events?

No, they are only mandatory for BBF adult leagues and BBF-sanctioned adult events.  Clubs have the option of using other baseball brands for youth play.

8  We already have a supply of the same Baden baseball; are these acceptable to use?

Yes.  As long as they are the identical model ball (the Baden® 3B-PPRO Official NFHS®), they may be used up before the balls with the BBF logos are introduced.

9  Our club also has a softball team.  Do I need to use approved softballs from Ransome as well?

Yes, though you should refer to Ransome and/or the BSF for more details.

10  What is the return policy for these baseballs?

Please refer to Ransome for more details on:

11  What are the penalties if our team does not use the approved baseballs?

Home clubs will be fined for not providing the official BBF Baden balls on a BBF league game day (i.e. a single infringement occurs whether the fixture is a single game or doubleheader) or other BBF-sanctioned event and these financial penalties will applicable for the first two infringements.

From the third infringement onwards, the club will be fined and the offending team will also be excluded from post-season participation (should they qualify).

The fines are as follows:

  • NBL and Triple-A: £100 per infringement.
  • Double-A and Single-A: £50 per infringement.

The fines are to be paid within two weeks of the club being officially notified by the BBF of the penalty being imposed or before the post-season begins (whichever is sooner).  Any outstanding fines at the end of the regular season will make offending teams ineligible for post-season participation.

Any fines that remain outstanding at the time of the AGM will also mean the club is declared “unfinancial” in accordance with Article 6.21 of the BBF Constitution.

Collusion:  If the two teams involved in a fixture on a BBF league game day collude to not use the official game ball or to prevent notification to the BBF of the non-use of the official game ball, both clubs will be fined £100 in addition to the standard home team infringement penalty and both teams will determined by the BBF to be ineligible for post-season participation.

Clubs may appeal any penalty imposed in accordance with the BBF Handbook.

This penalty information will be included in the updated version of the BBF Handbook to be issued before the start of the 2015 season.

12  We have had a bad experience with Baden baseballs in the past when it was previously the BBF Official Ball.  How do we know we won’t have the same experience this time?

This issue was a key point in our negotiations with Ransome.  Since the BBF last used Baden baseballs, Baden has gone through a revamp of their quality control and made changes so that the problem would not happen again.  Additionally, the baseball we have chosen is of a higher standard than the previous baseball used and, based on all the research undertaken, it was determined the best-value baseball.  Before choosing Baden, the ball was subject to live testing in real baseball practices to make sure it performed to the expected standard.

The BBF trusts this briefing helps prepare you for the upcoming season.  We wish you the very best for your team’s performance on the field with the new official ball of British Baseball.

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