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British Baseball Federation - New Interactive Map

02/06/2017, 7:45am GMT

British Baseball Federation - New Interactive Map

New in 2017, the British Baseball Federation release an interactive map (click here) to assist fans and players, whereby the user can find out location details and information about a specific club in the NBL. Club information in the map includes the club playing field address, website, club representative names, facilities available, social media addresses, what is nearby, routing information (driving and distance information to and from the respective park), and more. 

How the map works

  • Hover over the respective club colour diamond to view the information for the club.
  • Table filters: A graphic at the lower right hand corner of the screen can be clicked to expand a table which show details about a club. 
  • Sort/Filter (in the table): Select the button at the top of the column you wish to filter.
  • Navigation: You can use the navigation buttons to navigate around the map, zooming in and out.
  • Address Search (at the top): There you can search for any other address. This will place a temporary point on the map.
  • Use the slider to scroll horizontally in the table.

Further the BBF will be marketing their map to various exisiting and new interested participants in our sport, in order to attract attention to our clubs. Another great way the BBF is working for its members. 

The map will be further updated throughout the year with new details, so refer to it for continous insights. 

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