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BBF open letter: In response to insurance-only arrangement

02/24/2017, 3:45pm GMT

Friday, 24 February 2017

British Baseball Federation open letter

Dear Club Representatives,

Following detailed enquiries from some teams asking to access an insurance-only arrangement with the British Baseball Federation (BBF), we have sought clarification from our insurance brokers, Perkins Slade.

Perkins Slade has confirmed that it is not possible to insure non-affiliated clubs or teams. Their insurance cover is based on a risk assessment predicated on the adherence to the rules and policies set by the BBF. Unaffiliated organisations, by definition, sit outside of the domain of the BBF and therefore are not subject to adherence to these rules and policies and present a greater insurance risk.

An affiliated club is defined (but not limited to) as adhering to paying all our applicable team fees; our rules, policies, safeguarding standards; code of conduct; and BBF oversight. It is also clear that playing not sanctioned by the BBF - such as against organisations who are not affiliated - may compromise the full extent of cover provided to BBF members.

Whilst we appreciate that in our 2016 AGM it was agreed by our member clubs that outside clubs may pay a fee for insurance provided by the BBF, this was before the realisation of the current situation and the decision by our insurance provider not to cover unaffiliated member clubs/teams. Thus, upon realisation, we have advised the teams affected.

The BBF as the National Governing Body (NGB) of baseball, we are only able to facilitate what we can for our member clubs and continue to try to develop more opportunities to develop our sport.

We apologise for the miscommunication and inconvenience caused by the above.

Sincerely yours,

British Baseball Federation 


Sport England recognises the responsibility of organisations such as ours, and has issued the following on their club website: Many Clubs decide to affiliate to their NGB because of the benefits and opportunities they provide. Affiliation normally has an associated cost, but if you have longer term aspirations to develop and possibly compete, it is almost certainly worth considering.

Typically the benefits include:
*   You can enter official competition run by the sport
*   Insurance for players, coaches, etc
*   Access to qualified referees, umpires and/or officials for matches and competitions
*   Guidance about best practice in Club operation and management for that sport
*   Safer recruitment of volunteers (e.g. management of concerns, child protection issues, training and development opportunities)
*   The opportunity to access certain funding sources
*   Access to coach and volunteer training

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