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Umpire Information 2018


We run organised events (leagues, tournaments etc.) throughout the year. An essential element of running planned events are officials, who are called umpires in baseball.  The BBF works closely with the Amateur Baseball Umpires Association (ABUA- GB). The ABUA is the premier Umpires Association in Great Britain, with some internationally recognised umpires as members. 

Officiating for select events, e.g., the National Baseball League (NBL), National Championships (youth and adult), are done by the ABUA-GB.  

Several kinds of rules apply to our events, e.g., MLB, Confederate European Baseball (CEB) and our own (handbooks are made available on or before March).

Our umpires have authority over games and activities sponsored or organised by the BBF.  

The BBF has a grassroots approach to developing more umpires. For example, the ABUA-GB, run workshops organised by the BBF for our member clubs and their participants. So, if your team is in need of an umpire or interested in learning more how to become one, you can contact the ABUA-GB directly or us as by email


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