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Lakenheath Diamondbacks

Regular Season 2011

Louie Aguilera

Louie small
2 · 2B

Colton High

Dscn7504 small
4 · P/OF

Ken Reber

Dback catcher small
7 · C/P

Stephen Sluder

Dscn7453 small
8 · OF

Steven Ortner

Ortner small
9 · 1B

Max Scholten

Max small
10 · SS

Peter Soares

Psoares small
11 · P/1B

Cameron Banks

Cameronb small
13 · OF

Josh Miller

Teamdbacks small
14 · 1B/OF

Dan Sartin

Dscn7075 small
16 · 1B/OF

Ryan Riniker

Shutout small
17 · P/3B

Bradley Simpson

Team small
20 · C/OF

Scott Huckins

Dscn7129 small
22 · P/INF

Adrian Mendoza

Doza small
23 · 3B/OF

Adrian Ryals

Dscn6678 small
24 · OF

Carlos Santiago

Dscn7604 small
27 · OF

Tim Hemiquist

Dbacks1 small
89 · INF

John Fisher

Fisher2 small
90 · INF/OF

Chris Brown

Cbrown small
91 · C/INF

Curtis Tuttle

Dscn7066 small
92 · OF

Tim Begley

Timb small
93 · C/OF

Carl Petmecky

Carl small
95 · P/INF/C

Joe Barrett

Barrett small
96 · 1B

Kevin Carr

Dscn6365 small
97 · P/3B

Number Photo Name Pos. Bats Throws Hometown
2 Louie small Louie Aguilera 2B Right Right N/A
4 Dscn7504 small Colton High P|OF Right Right N/A
7 Dback catcher small Ken Reber C|P Right Right N/A
8 Dscn7453 small Stephen Sluder OF Right Right N/A
9 Ortner small Steven Ortner 1B Left Left N/A
10 Max small Max Scholten SS Right Right N/A
11 Psoares small Peter Soares P|1B Right Left N/A
13 Cameronb small Cameron Banks OF Right Right N/A
14 Teamdbacks small Josh Miller 1B|OF Right Right N/A
16 Dscn7075 small Dan Sartin 1B|OF Right Right N/A
17 Shutout small Ryan Riniker P|3B Right Right N/A
20 Team small Bradley Simpson C|OF Right Right N/A
22 Dscn7129 small Scott Huckins P|INF Right Right N/A
23 Doza small Adrian Mendoza 3B|OF Right Right N/A
24 Dscn6678 small Adrian Ryals OF Right Right N/A
27 Dscn7604 small Carlos Santiago OF Right Right N/A
89 Dbacks1 small Tim Hemiquist INF Right Right N/A
90 Fisher2 small John Fisher INF|OF Right Right N/A
91 Cbrown small Chris Brown C|INF Right Right N/A
92 Dscn7066 small Curtis Tuttle OF Right Right N/A
93 Timb small Tim Begley C|OF Right Right N/A
95 Carl small Carl Petmecky P|INF|C Right Right N/A
96 Barrett small Joe Barrett 1B Left Right N/A
97 Dscn6365 small Kevin Carr P|3B Right Right N/A